Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey guys! This week was pretty great! The main thing that happened was we went proselyting on Wednesday. We all had to give out 2 books of Mormon, so our Irmão took us on a bus to downtown São Paulo. On the bus my companion and I talked with a mother and her daughter. They were really nice. My companion talked most the time. I was kind of able to make comments and understand what was happening. There was a group of women on the bus that I guess were making fun of us. Irmão Benatti told me (in English) to not listen to what they were saying about us. I told him the joke was on them because I didn't understand what they were saying. I guess that's one of the perks of learning a new language in 6 weeks. I only know how to talk about the gospel and where people are from. Anyway we gave a Book of Mormon to the mother and 2 to the group of women who were laughing at us before. They seemed interested on what we had to say about Christ.

Benatti took us downtown into a major part of the city. It was amazing! Of course it was old and dirty and there were a ton of homeless people but it just felt right. I felt the spirit anyway. I know that I am supposed to be here in this awesome country. I had one Book of Mormon left and it was mine to give out. My companion and I walked around for about twenty minutes while I built up the courage to talk with someone. We met two members and a few drunken people. Finally the weather turned and everyone knew what was about to happen. People were running to get under buildings or umbrellas. So it was now or never. I saw an old man on this bridge and I started a conversation with him about Christmas, Christ and the Book of Mormon. Luckily my companion was there to help me speak and understand what was going on. In the end I gave him my last Book of Mormon. It felt really good. At that moment it started to pour rain. Our entire district was soaked as we headed back to the bus station. I am so grateful to be here and experience this crazy adventure. I know it is only going to get crazier but I also know that I have you guys and Heavenly Father to support me.

Love you guys have a great week!

Elder Stevens

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