Thursday, August 18, 2016


So this area is probably the biggest out of all the areas I've worked in. It is also pretty disorganized here on our part. Right now we are just trying to figure out how to work more with the members. We also take care of a lot of other cities. All together I think there are about 7 cities in our area that the branch covers. So it's been kind of challenging to try and plan and work in all of them at the same time. So I think what we are going to do is just focus on one or two and go from there.

As for the weather it's been pretty sunny these last few days but it's gotten colder again. I guess from what they've told me is that this city is also one of the hottest cities in the state during the summer. So we'll see how it goes. 

My new companion is from Brazil. He is probably the oldest companion that I've had yet. He is 28 years old. So he is pretty calm and quiet. We are getting along pretty well. But yeah this is his last transfer. 

As for experiences this week not much has really happened. I guess one of the best experiences was our Zone meeting. This zone meeting, we all got into a big circle and talked about our areas and the difficulties that we are having. Then everyone gave ideas and advice to try to help one another. It was really cool. I really felt a lot closer to the other missionaries in the zone. 

The meetings are held in a rented building that used to be a gym. It's a pretty weird set up but it works. 

I love you. We are getting closer and closer to seeing each other again. It's kind of weird to think about. But time just keeps going by and November 15th is just around the corner. 

I love you,



This week was pretty exciting! The Olympic torch passed in our city last week. So we ran out of district meeting on Tuesday to get a look at that thing. I took pictures and video but sadly forget my camera at home. So I´ll have to send those to you guys next week. It was pretty awkward because we were the only adults there. There were a lot of school kids and then just us. But it was pretty cool the runner torch lady running by. It was pretty intense though because there were these police runners that make like a protective circle around her. They all looked like Reno 911 cops. So that was a fun thing that happened. 

As for more spiritual things. We had a miracle happen. So we have an investigator that we were teaching and he is pretty awesome. We taught him almost everything and we've been trying to set up a baptism date but he has been pretty apprehensive. So we invited him one night and he said he would pray about it. The next visit we went back he told us he had a surprise for us. He told us that him and his girlfriend were going to get baptized on Sunday! We were pretty shocked because we didn't even teach his girlfriend that much. So this Sunday we had two baptisms! The baptism was really was great! 

I love you and hope you guys get all the house stuff figured out. 

Oh about your questions. I do write in a journal once every month maybe or just when I have crazy things happen. And right now I am in a city called Lajedado. 

Love you again! 



We had two baptisms on Saturday which was really cool. They were confirmed on Sunday.

Another story. There were some issues later on that needed to be handled afterward, all is well now. I guess what I learned from this experience is that Pride has no place in the church. Pride has the power to destroy the lives of others. But thankfully forgiveness has the power to rebuild and move things forward. I admire the courage of those accused, how they were willing go back to church and keep their covenants they made with the Lord. I also admire the courage that they have to forgive those who have deeply hurt them and those who are in the wrong. I was able to see how strong Christ’s love is through these recent converts. 

I love you and hope that things are going well there. 




Sorry don't have time I was transferred today so I got to go but I sent an audio to dad for you guys to listen to. 

Love you!



So let's see, we made a ward mission plan with a slide show and virtual map of the ward. We ran out of appoints one night and we decided to eat at a new pizza joint. There they have more than 50 flavors of pizza! It was also rodizio which means unlimited slices of pizza! As for the work it was a bit complicated. Our investigators who were baptized didn't go to church because they had to travel because of a family emergency. Our new investigators couldn't come to church because they had to work or were already busy.  

I was able to upload a video and some photos of when we saw the Olympic torch pass through town. I will send you the link so you can see it. 

As for areas I guess they've all been about the same as the work goes. In Farroupilha, we had a lot of help from the leadership and we were able to find some pretty great investigators. Here in Lejeado is also really great to work. The members are fun to work with and we are really getting into a grove here of how to work. 

I remember sending those photos. That was when I was in Esteio. That guy speaks English and wanted to talk with you while I was there. And the other was when I was in Vista Alegre I think, I don't know. 

I love you. Have a good week. 

Love, Derek


So we had a few baptisms set for last week but they fell through. This week we are working more with two investigators. They are pretty cool. One is afraid to get baptized because of his wife who is of another church. But the other is really excited. This last week was pretty tough. Some of our investigators canceled on us, another committed to go to church but didn't go on Sunday. So it's been kind of hard in that sense but this week we have some great investigators to work with. 

As for miracles, we received a list of non-active members from the stake. They just wanted us to see if these people lived at these homes anymore. Most of them didn't live at these homes anymore. But as we were trying to contact one guy who lives in an apartment building he didn't answer the door. So we decided to knock on a neighbor's door to see if they knew who he was. When we knocked on the neighbor’s door we ended up finding a less active family that had come from another city but their documents in the church were never transferred so no one knew that they were living there. They are really cool and want to come back to the church. One of the sons has a girlfriend that isn't a member that we are teaching now. So it was really cool to see how Heavenly Father uses small things to complete his great purposes. 

I love you and hope you guys can figure out the whole housing thing. Hope you are doing well with everything. 

Have a great week!



Thanks for the pictures. Things here have been going O.K. My companion is great.

As for experiences this last week was cool because we met a new family to teach. We invited them to church on Sunday but it didn't seem like they were going to show up. So we went to the bishop’s office to call them when suddenly they walked in the front door of the chapel. It's kind of funny it usually takes until the very last second for our prayers to be answered. 

I love you and hope that you guys are doing well. I think about you guys all the time. 

Have a good week.