Monday, January 19, 2015


This week was GREAT! So many things happened so I will just give you guys the Highlights. Our district is getting a lot better at the language. My companion is awesome as ever and in 11 days we leave for the mission field! Time for some experiences.
On Wednesday night we got two new Brazilian roommates, at around 11:00 after we all went to bed. One of our roommates had a seizure. At first I heard him say something in Portuguese then he started hitting his bed post. I had no idea what was happening. I thought I was dreaming. Eventually we figured it out and turned on the lights. He fell out of bed and onto the floor. My companion jumped off the bunk bed like superman and helped our roommate out. I sent Elder B and Elder M to get help. Luckily my companion's dad used to have seizures so he knew what to do. It only lasted about 5 minutes. Afterward we got him cleaned up and gave him a blessing. This was a pretty amazing experience. The spirit was very strong. Elder B gave the blessing and it was great. Even though he gave it in English our roommate understood. So that was the first experience I wanted to share. Second, I gave my first blessing yesterday. A sister in my District asked me to give her a blessing because she was feeling a lot of stomach pain. So before we started class we gave her a blessing. I was pretty nervous since I had no idea what I was doing, luckily our teacher was there, and the other elders helped me out. It was pretty amazing. I don't think I have ever felt like that before. As I gave the blessing I felt such peace and calmness. I felt the spirit really strong. It just reminded me that we were here to serve others by being tools in Heavenly Father’s hands. After the blessing I couldn't remember what I said but I knew they weren't my words. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here. These past few weeks have been really hard but also really rewarding. I can't wait to go into the field. I know it will be even harder out there but I also know it will be rewarding.

Feliz Natal everyone! Have a great Holiday!

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