Monday, January 19, 2015


Well I have arrived ladies and gentlemen. It has been a pretty interesting week. My new companion doesn’t speak English, but he has a lot of patience. It takes a while but we figure things out.  The two other missionaries in our apartment could speak a little but they are leaving tomorrow because an elder from another district is going home. So now we have the whole apartment and area to ourselves. My area is a neighborhood called Mathias in the city of Conoas. 

The ward mission leader is great. They are a family of five wonderful people. The dad is really goofy. He is also a policeman. On my first day they gave me some type of drink. I think it was called chamodio or something like that. It is a cup full of green grass and green power (the greenies). You pour hot water in the cup and suck it out with a special straw. At first I felt like I was breaking the word of wisdom or something but it wasn’t too bad. We spent New Year’s with them and had some Brazilian Bar B Que (Charrasco). It was AWESOME some of the best meat I have ever had (sorry dad). 

The main meal of the day is lunch. Every day we have been here we have had the opportunity to go to members homes and have a giant lunch, so needless to say we haven’t gone hungry. 

Our area is pretty big. Now that the other missionaries are leaving we have an even bigger area to cover.

Again the people are pretty great. Our ward is awesome. I really like it here. It is hard, hot, and people are lighting chickens on fire in the streets but I love serving these people. Whenever I have doubts or homesickness, serving always seems to give me peace. I love you guys. Know that I am safe and in good hands. Have a great week!

Elder Stevens

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