Monday, January 19, 2015


This week was great! We had a great Christmas celebration, and we are all excited to head out into the field on Tuesday! This week went by really fast. We have one more day of classes with our instructors tomorrow. We are all working really hard to keep pushing ourselves in the language and in or lessons. The language is still hard but it is getting a lot better every day.

Christmas was really nice. We had sport activities in the morning, a paper airplane contest, a great lunch, awesome time to speak with the fam, an amazing devotional by Elder Nelson from the Provo MTC, ice cream, and a ton of fun games. It was a little hard being away from the family during this holiday. But once we were able to call home it made it a lot easier. I am so glad you guys are doing well. I hope you guys had a good time at the Grand America. I also hope it is not too cold. If you need to warm up, come on down, it is like a sauna down here.

The temple was great today! We went to the Campinas Temple.The temple was really beautiful. It was farther away from the city surrounded by rolling hills and lush vegetation. It also smelt really fresh outside the temple. It was definitely a great way to start our last p-day.

I am out of time. I love you guys have a great week. I will write you next from Porto Alegre!

Elder Stevens

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