Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hi guys thanks for your emails, love and support! This week was another rough week but things are getting better. My language skills are improving and I am starting to get into the swing of things here. 

I wanted to talk about my first lesson I had only without my companion. We went on splits this week. I went to teach a referral with a member who knows a lot of English. For privacy I will call my referral Edith (and no not the one from teen wolf). Edith comes from a wide religious background. She was mainly Catholic for many years. She lives with her son Jeff.  We went to teach her the first lesson. I was a little worried because it was my first time without my companion. I started out by getting to know them more and chatting about how I am American. Then we got into it. As I taught we would stop to help Edith understand a concept or to help her understand my poor Portuguese. She had a strong desire to learn about the church. It was great! The spirit was really strong. When we got to the first vision she already knew a little about it. I memorized the first vision and started reciting it for her. Everything was going to plan, until Jeff´s chair decided to give up halfway through, Jeff´s chair collapsed. We found him a new one and continued on. In the end she committed to be baptized and to receive more lessons. 

This was an awesome experience because it really strengthened my testimony about gospel. Even though a lot of things went wrong during the lesson we were able to feel the spirit very strong. The spirit has the power to be with us anywhere and to touch the hearts of anyone. That´s why it is so important to have in lessons. I hope that I can do my best to help them feel the spirit. After the lesson Edith described her faith in Christ and the love she felt from him. When she opened the Book of Mormon and saw the picture of Christ she lit up. Jeff told me that he had an opportunity to read the first few chapters of the BOM. He told me it was a strange experience. He said he felt like he was paralyzed. 

I am so grateful to be here and share the message of hope through Christ. I am so grateful for it in my life. I love you guys have a great week! Sorry if the last email was a bit strange. I just want to say I am safe and I haven´t seen an animal sacrifice for a while now. 

-Elder Stevens

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