Thursday, February 25, 2016


Here in Brazil sadly they don´t celebrate Halloween. It looked like there were a few parties but nothing much. No one went trick or treating or dressed up. So we had a normal day of work here, nothing too out of the ordinary. 

Things here are going pretty well. We have some really cool investigators that are going to be baptized this Saturday. So we are working really hard with them to make sure they don´t have any questions or doubts. She is really taking a step of faith. She has been praying for a long time to know if the church is true and this last week she received her answer. So she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. We still have a few lessons to teach but she is pretty well prepared. 

This last week we had a baptism marked for Saturday but it fell through because the pool we used wasn´t filled up. So here in our ward we don´t have a baptismal font so we use a set up pool. On Friday we set up the pool at a member’s house so they could fill it up early in the morning for the baptism. But they forgot so we didn´t have time to fill it up before our Stake Conference. We would´ve filled it up ourselves but we had splits in Bento Gonçalves. We remarked for this Saturday so she could be baptized with our other investigator. 

But other than that, things are going good. 

How was Halloween there? Did you guys do anything special?

Have a great week!

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