Thursday, February 25, 2016


Yeah sorry we called so early there is a 5 hour difference. Our mission president said our companions have to make the call as well. It was kind of awkward talking to my companion’s parents as well. I think I woke them up. Anyway I am glad you guys answered. We will be going to the Bishop´s house to Skype. I feel kind of bad because I feel like we are kind of taking advantage of the Bishop but no one else has internet or will be home on Christmas. They will also be able to talk to you guys. 

Things are going good here. On Wednesday we had the Christmas conference. Our zone sadly arrived an hour late because our bus driver got lost. So no one from our zone is in the Christmas picture, but whatever. Then we had Christmas presentations. Every zone did a presentation. Ours was probably most the simple one there. There was a 10 minute time limit but of course a few zones didn´t get that message. So there were some drawn out presentations but in the end it was pretty cool. We also had lunch which is always good. Then in the end President and Sister Campos kind of flamed us a bit as missionaries. But I did like what President Campos said about how through dedication, diligence, obedience, faith, and effort missionaries can get to know Christ at the end of their missions. So there is a lot I need to do to accomplish that goal, me and my companion have made plans to work on it. 

But other than that this week was pretty chill. I hope you guys are doing well. Have a good week. 

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