Thursday, February 25, 2016


Things are going good. We are having a bit of trouble finding people to teach but things are going good. 

So in my apartment lives; me, my companion, and well just us really. There is only one companionship that is working here but our apartment can hold up to two. There is another bedroom that we don´t even use. My New companion is Elder Alec Rapoza. I showed him a picture of Braxton and he seemed to recognize him but they never really knew each other. 

Yeah so I have been transferred 4 times in the past year with 9 companions. I don´t know how Bri was only transferred once. But my new companion is great! He is my first real American companion since Elder Ayerdis. We are getting along well. We just don´t agree with one thing. That Utah is better than California but you know not everyone is perfect. 

Oh so good news the packages arrived on Wednesday last week, but I wasn´t able to get them because well I am so far away from the Mission home. But tomorrow we have zone conference and so I will get them tomorrow morning. I will be sure to try and get all three; with any luck my Zone Leaders haven´t opened them :)

The weather has been pretty good these last few days. It has been raining off and on awkwardly but the weather is still good. Not the unbearable burning, melting hot that I passed through when I first got here. Supposedly being in the mountains here is cooler than close to Porto Alegre. 

And about how they celebrate Christmas here I am not sure. Last Christmas I was in the MTC but now that I am out I will get to see how it is here. I do know that generally they stay up really late and have a feast at mid-night. But being missionaries I don´t know if we will be able to do that. 

Anyway I am doing good, might have to see the doctor about my foot because it´s bugging me a bit but I think it´s just irritated because we have been walking a lot. 

Have you guys made some Christmas plans or anything?

Love you. Have a good week!


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