Sunday, April 5, 2015


Oy minha familia e meu amigos!
This week was muito bom! A few things happened that were pretty exciting! The first one was I had my first baptism this week! It was a pretty great experience; of course a few things went wrong. When I entered the baptismal font and closed the door behind me the handle broke off in my hand. Secondly I forgot my sandals and had to borrow some from an Irma in the ward. As soon as they hit the water they came off my feet and I almost fell in completely. But I was fine. The actual baptism part went great! It was really spiritual and I am excited to help more people come unto Christ. Afterward, I had someone open the door from the other side so I could get out of the font.
On Saturday we had splits with the zone leaders. I went with an Elder to interview some people for baptism in a different area. We were able to stay and see the baptism which was really cool. The chapel in this area doesn´t have a baptismal font, so we used an inflatable swimming pool. It was a bit different but still really awesome. It just reminded me that the spirit can manifest itself in the most humble of circumstances.
On Sunday I gave a talk in the ward. It was kind of like watching an airplane take a nose dive and right before it hits the ground and explodes the pilot pulls up and saves the plane from crashing. My talk was rough at first but after awhile I just stopped, relaxed and listened to the spirit, it all went smoothly.
Anyway I love you guys very much thanks for your letters and emails! Until next week.

-Elder Stevens

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