Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hey guys sorry about not writing a big email last week. This week was pretty great! We worked a lot and met a lot of new people to teach. My new companheiro is awesome! He is from Novo Jersey (New Jersey in English)

He is also really short compared to me. He told me he knows self defense so that´s great! Now we can walk the streets without fear of being robbed. 

Saturday was a bit rough. All our appointments fell through and every door we knocked on rejected us. Before the end of the day we said a prayer and my companion felt impressed to visit a street in our area. So we went and knocked on every door we could find. We were finally able to teach a few lessons. It was a really cool experience! 

I was also asked to baptize an investigator of other missionaries here, which was also a cool experience. 

Have a good week I love you guys!

-Elder Stevens

Oh and randomly I think I found a picture of Grandma Lolo in the Liahona I will send you guys a pic. It was really weird. 

Baptism day

With the Elders who taught him

Woman who looks like my Grandmother
(I can verify this is actually our Grandmother Louis Futrell)

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