Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hi guys! Another week down and many, many, more to go!

This week was pretty good. We had some really special investigators in church. We taught some good lessons. And I made a lot of tapioca. 

Tapioca is a north Brazilian food. It is made with a special type of flour, oil, salt and water. It is cooked in the shape of a pancake then you put whatever you want in it. One of my roommates taught me how to make it. So I made it almost every day this week. This is a picture of me and my companion at an investigators house making tapioca. 

I had a special experience this week with the language. Before this one lesson I was really worried about my ability to speak Portuguese. My skills are improving but are still weak. Anyway I said a pray before we went in. Then we taught the lesson. After the investigator asked where I was from and was surprised to hear I was from the United States. I probably spoke the best Portuguese I have ever spoken during the mission. So that was awesome. 

One of our investigators is awesome. He loves learning about the church. He has also changed a lot since we first met him. I know he will be a great example. He really has a true desire to know the truth. On Sunday he rode his bike all the way to the chapel. We offered to have a member pick him up but he refused. I was a bit worried he refused because he didn´t want to come. But come Sunday morning I saw him riding in wear jeans and a tee shirt with a Book of Mormon strapped to his bike. It’s amazing to see how the gospel changes us. 

I am very grateful to be here. I love you guys very much thanks for your support! 

-Elder Stevens. 

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