Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello everyone! This week was pretty great! We had another Baptism. We also organized a talent show for the ward. I am starting to really make a connection with the people here. My Portuguese and confidence are starting to allow me to make jokes and share my thoughts and feelings about things. I am still learning how to tell stories but I am sure when I figure that out things will get even better. 

First off the baptism was great. Do you guys remember my first lesson alone without my companion? I think I called our investigator Edith. Well she was baptized this Sunday. Funny enough it was also her birthday. Last week we almost gave up on her because she was always busy. But when we finally met with her again we found that she was ready to be baptized. I am looking forward to teaching her more in the future. She is such a great person. She has a lot of faith in Jesus Cristo. Her baptism was a little complicated for a lot of reasons. She lives in our mission area but goes to a different ward because she has a lot of friends there. We originally planned to have her baptized in the other ward building but the bishop there wouldn´t allow it. So we had it at our building. I was really worried that no one was going to show up because no one in our ward knows her. But as soon as we finished preparing for the baptism a ton of people walked in the door. It was awesome. The wife of the bishop had made a big cake for Edith´s Birthday. I was amazed at how much love the ward had for someone they didn´t know. 

In the photos you will see Edith, ward members, me, and some other missionaries in from our apartment. The last photo was from this morning. 

The talent show was awesome. During the show I was waiting for Dad to come running in wearing an Indiana Jones costume or a tuxedo. 

Sorry I have to stop short the shop is closing.

I love you guys have a great week! 

-Elder Stevens

Baptism day!

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