Sunday, September 20, 2015


Titanic Water

This week was great. We baptized a daughter and granddaughter of an investigator. It was great to see them all together. The water though was a bit cold. The heater was broken. And the water came straight off of a glacier

We had a really cool experience with one of our investigators. Last night we visited her to help her prepare for her baptism this Saturday. She told us something really interesting. She said 2 or 3 days before she met us she said a pray. She prayed to know what path she should take in her life, a little time after, we showed up in her door. She told us that that was an answer to her prays. It was cool because another investigator said the same thing and they both live on the same street. 

That was a great experience because some days I have been asking myself why I am here. I can´t speak really well, teach perfectly, or have people understand what I am saying all the time. But I know that I was called here for a reason. I have a purpose here. I am recognizing that I don´t change people, Heavenly Father does. As long as I do my best to do the Lord’s will I will be fulfilling my purpose which is to help people come unto Christ.

Anyway love you guys have a good week!

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