Sunday, September 20, 2015


Well as of today the new President is in effect! I sent my first email to him today. I don´t know a lot about him but on Friday we will have a Zone Conference in Porto Alegre to get to know him. Sadly they didn´t really do anything for any sort of farewell for our last MP. They sent their last weekly message today, but that was about it.

Well let’s see, this week was another week of visiting members and less active members. We are trying to think of ways to re-animate them. Oh so our chapel is being remodeled because it is really old and falling apart. So we moved our Sunday meeting into a school for the Deaf called "Padre Reus." This last Sunday was our first time meeting there and it worked out pretty well. It was really cold and cramped but hey it is better than nothing! I met a sister in the ward who speaks Libras, the Brazilian form of sign language. She has been teaching me some signs. It reminded me of how much easier it is to learn ASL than Portuguese because it is more visual. So that was really cool. I also thought of Briana and her signing skills. 

But yeah that is what happened this week. 

Oh that´s awesome Braxton will be heading out soon. He enters the MTC one day after our next transfer. Be sure to take some photos. 


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