Sunday, September 20, 2015


So this last week I was transferred to a city called Esteio. It is a lot closer to Porto Alegre and is a couple train stops from my first area. The people here are pretty cool. My new companion is Elder Quiroga. He is from Argentina and has a strong Spanish accent. He is quiet, but funny. He is actually finishing his mission this transfer. So we are trying to stay animated and work until he leaves.
During the transfers we just meet at a big bus station in Porto Alegre. The secretaries of the President hand you a slip of where you are going then send you off. But I did get to hear from the President during our stake conference. He and his wife bore their testimonies then played a hymn. Sister Wright played the violin and President Wright played the piano. It was really nice to hear from them before they leave in July. Hopefully we will have a mission conference before then. During the stake conference we also got to hear from an Area Seventy. He was really funny and animated. As my mission president was speaking the Area Seventy got up and made a few funny remarks. At first I thought," Why is this guy interrupting the MP. I then later realized it was the Area Seventy. 


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