Sunday, September 20, 2015



Things are about the same here as well. We have just been visiting a few people this week

On Thursday our Mission Presidents changed. President Wright and his wife left on the same day. I saw a video of them arriving there in Salt Lake airport. 

This Sunday we had an investigator in the "church" well the school ;) We have been working with him this week to help him get ready to be baptized on the 19th. 

One thing that I have been learning about is diligence. One day was pretty hard to get working because we had a long list of people to visit that were less active. We spent the whole day knocking on doors and walking all around the city. It was hard because either no one was home, or they didn´t live there anymore, or the house didn´t exist anymore like it was destroyed our something. But we kept marching on until the last address. It was late and cold but we decided we had nothing else to do, so we headed out for this address. After arriving at the last street at the last house we found the address. So we knocked and found out they had moved. Struck with disappointment we were ready to leave. But then the lady said that they moved just 3 houses down. So we knocked on the door 3 houses down and met with the family we were looking for. Later their son who was a member told us that last night he had prayed for some way that he could return to the church. The next day we showed up. So that was a really cool experience we had had. 


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