Sunday, September 20, 2015


Como vai?

We did receive a great referral from some other Elders. His name is Leonardo and he is really great. He told us he wants to be baptized. So we are teaching him about eternal families. 

We also met João (John in English) he is also really cool. He has already had the missionaries in his house before. We met him in a weird way. One day we were walking down a street and we had planned to knock on doors but we were kind of un-excited I guess you could say. Until I had a thought that this was ridiculous and that we should just work. I said No matter the house we are going to knock on every door. Then when I turned around I was faced with a very dead looking house. I couldn´t be a hypocrite so I knocked on the door and João came out and invited us in without asking who we were or why we were there. So we entered and started talking. We found out he knows a lot about the church and believes the doctrines are just. But we don´t know why he wasn´t already baptized, so we will have to go back and see. 

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