Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Sorry I wasn´t able to send anything last week. We went to the temple and didn´t have time to enter our email. I was pretty sad I couldn´t talk with you guys but today we were able to make it on. 

This week we had interviews with the Mission President which went well. He bought us all ice cream, which was awesome. We also watched a world missionary broadcast on Wednesday. Which was also really great, I learned a lot about teaching by the spirit. Anyway those were the big events of the week.

The new area is really great! There are a lot of people to teach. This week we are going to try and reactivate some members. The church here is HUGE. It is 3 stories tall. It has a big lawn and parking lot. I think it is one of the biggest churches I have ever seen here. Everyone in the area knows where it is. My new companion is Elder Góes he is from Salvador, Bahia. He teaches very well. 

The weather is really really hot! Today will reach 100 degrees. The sun here is really strong. I am not sure why but it is super hot. I am using a lot of Sun block to try and not completely burn. We have a strategy of weaving in and out of shadows to stay out of the sun. 

Anyway things are going good. I love you. Can´t wait to see you guys again! Have a great week!


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