Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Yeah so I got the package just fine. Thanks so much for the candy and letters! We´ve already eaten one of the bags of 3 musketeers. 

As for the glasses I never bought any. I have the prescription and stuff but haven´t taken the time to stop by a glasses store. There are a few here in the city and I think I will shop around next p-day. 

As for the area I am getting to know it a lot better as the days go on. There are some really cool members in the branch. I think it will get better though as time goes on. 

This week was pretty normal we did have interviews with the Mission President which was cool. He did tell me my actual completion date which is the 15th of November. He decided to make a new exit group on this day instead of on the 18th of October. So sorry I thought I would be coming home earlier. But at least I´ll be home for thanksgiving! 

I´ve got to go love you, have a good one!


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