Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My health is doing good. Again it is just the old glasses thing that I need to get figured out. I´ve talked with my companion and we decided that when we go to the temple in a couple weeks we will go to the doctor as well. So in a couple weeks I will be getting some glasses. But until then I will be doing my best to squint and stare at signs to try and read them. If I can´t read stuff I just ask my companion what street signs say. I even gave my companion a new nickname "glasses". So now when I can´t read stuff I just yell "glasses!" my companion already responds reading signs for me. 

That´s great that the weather is getting better there. I do miss playing tennis with you guys. Here tennis is a really rich sport. So no one plays tennis. The weather here is also the same scorching sun and 90 degree weather. 

I got all of the Pet pics! They were pretty great. Every time I see a cat I think of kitty. 

As for experiences, this week we had a zone meeting with the president in Porto Alegre. It was great! The mission president talked a lot about being and doing as Christ did. At the end he showed us a talk by Elder Holland. This talk was great and talked about loving the savior. By the end I felt the spirit really strong. Three of our investigators also came to church this last Sunday. That was great to see them there talking with the members and having a great time. In the end, it was a great Sunday. 

Oh also we had a music devotional in our stake and the missionaries from the zone sang. At the end our mission president gave a talk. 

Love you!

-Elder Stevens

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