Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My new companion is Élder Ramirez. He is my 11th companion so far on the mission. 12th if you count the MTC. I already had the opportunity to get to know him. He used to be my ZL in Esteio. He is a really cool guy. He asked the president to stay longer past his date. So the President let him stay 4 more weeks, which means he will be going home before the end of the transfer. This also means I will be getting another companion! WWWHWHHooo! I also might stay with a short-term missionary from the stake or in a trio with other missionaries. Either way it will be an interesting end of the transfer. My new companion did pass in the area next to my area. So he already knows the city and a few of the members. 

As for the old glasses project I haven´t been able to set an appointment with the glasses...guy. Tomorrow we have a zone meeting in Porto Alegre and thought about trying to go in tomorrow but I don´t know if it´ll work out.

The week was pretty interesting. We received some referrals from the other ward and they are great! I think they will really progress and be baptized which would be such a great thing. This ward hasn´t had a baptism since the beginning of the year.

Another interesting thing that happened this week or well today is that our washing machine was stolen. I don´t know how but someone stole our washing machine last night. So we live in like a condominium of 4 houses. We live in one of the upper homes. On the front porch we have a spot for our washing machine to go. There is like a wall with a gate at the bottom of our stairs that lead to our porch. I don´t know how but someone hopped the gate and took our washing machine taking it down the stairs and over the gate. They also stole our neighbor´s machines as well. Last night I woke up only two times. Once to go to the bathroom and the other I woke up to water running. I thought it was just raining and went back to sleep. Well it turns out that the rain I was hearing was water from the pipe that leads to the washing machine. The robbers left it turned on all night! It reminded me of the Home Alone robbers leaving the water running in every house they stole from. Anyway we called the President and the secretaries and they are going to send a new washing machine to us. Also the house is all barred up so they couldn´t get in. It´s just the front porch that doesn’t have anything to protect it. 

Gotta go, I love you


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