Thursday, August 18, 2016



Oh yeah Bryan and his son visited this Sunday at church because he served here a few years ago. He said a lot has changed I guess when he was here it wasn´t even a ward yet. But it was fun to talk with them. I felt a bit bad for his son because he doesn't speak any Portuguese. But I just joked around with him a bit. 

That sounds really fun. Ruth's cafe is awesome that is definitely a place I want to stop by once I get back. 

So this week was pretty complicated as well. We have pretty much run out of ideas to apply in our area. We are taking a last chance at asking for referrals from the members. So will see what happens with that. 

Oh on the 13th we have transfers so we’ll see if I am transferred or not this time. 

But other than that nothing new really. Oh today I will buy new shoes because everyone keeps commenting on them and pointing out how destroyed they are. 

As for the food nothing is really different here. Just a few things. Here there are a lot more Germans than a few of my other areas so there is some more German culture here. German breads and pastries and stuff like that. 

Oh yeah I just remembered I was invited by the bishop’s wife to help her in an English lesson. She teaches English in a place called Wizard, so I went there to help them practice. I will be going there again this week which will be fun. It is a great way to get referrals. 

I love you and hope that everything works out with the move. Have a good week!


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