Thursday, August 18, 2016



Well this week was pretty tough. We weren´t able to baptize Sofia because her dad wants to baptize her. Her parents are separated and her dad lives in another state. He always comes to visit her on her birthday so he wanted to delay the baptism until then. Unfortunately, her birthday is in August. Yeah. So we'll see what happens. We are trying to work more with the members to get referrals and to meet more people to teach. The Bishop is really animated about Missionary work so that will help a lot. His son leaves for his mission next week. He'll be going to Quiabá in Brazil. 

So it turns out that our Mission President didn´t come to visit last week so luckily we didn´t have to clean everything, but we are still preparing for any surprise visits. 

That is weird to hear that they are already coming back from their missions. Time seems to go fast here. Before you know it I'll be back enjoying movies and food with you guys. 

Have you guys been searching for a new place? If so where? Because I've heard that Hawaii is a pretty nice place this time of the year. 

I love you and hope things get better for you guys. 


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