Thursday, August 18, 2016



So I was transferred again, but this time I was transferred to Lajeado which is the other area in our district. Well it is on the other side of the river. So I will be skype-ing there in the new area. So I don´t know what time my new companion set up for us to skype. He is also Brazilian so that will be interesting to try and set up the time with you guys. I also don´t know what day we will be calling to confirm the time. I also usually use the church phone because it can make international calls. But sometimes I use googles internet phone. 

Things have been going really good. I really liked working with my companion Elder Sacramento but sadly I was transferred and I know my new companion because he is a part of my district. I am pretty sure this next transfer will be full of...."change". But! I am going to head in with lots of optimism!

sorry ran out of time again. 

I will be calling to setup a time. I might call on Saturday if not I will call early on Sunday. 


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