Thursday, August 18, 2016



Sorry about that last email. It was pretty sucky. Anyway things here are going better than they were last week. We are teaching a lot of people but it´s been a bit difficult to help them progress and well do the stuff we ask them to do! There is this lady that we were teaching who is creating her own church. The last time that we were there she tried to prove to us that the Book of Mormon is false which was awkward because well it´s not. Sooo we left her house and taught her neighbors. The lesson was actually really great with the family but every time we go back to teach them they don´t let us in. It appears like the lady that lives next door said something to them but we don´t know what. Their son went to church and liked it but he now runs away from us so it´s a bit complicated. There are a lot of others who gave up on receiving the lessons. 

But this week we might have a baptism! We are teaching the daughter of a member that is less-active. Which has been going really well. We´ve also been teaching her step dad but he doesn´t seem very interested. 

Oh my old companion, my District leader has kidney stones! On Saturday he called me from the hospital and wasn´t doing so well. I guess there were a lot of people waiting to be attended too which is kind of funny because every time that we've been there, there never was anyone there. Anyway so he´s taking medication to try and break up the stones. If that doesn´t work, he will have to have surgery to take them out. 

As for me my health is good. I don´t have any problems. Well I guess the old thing is sometimes I have pain in my foot but nothing major. Makes sense since we walk for hours every day. 

Well, sounds like an adventure, moving again. I wish you guys luck if I am not there to help.

How are things going there?

Have a good week, I love you. 


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