Thursday, August 18, 2016


This week was actually pretty great. Things here have been pretty difficult. We were struggling a lot with the work but my new companion has helped a lot. I think I am going to learn a lot from him this transfer. We have also been joking around a lot which has been really great to relive the stress.

This week was also full of crazy moments, like on Wednesday we decided to take a different route on our way to a neighborhood where we work. But we found ourselves in a place where a giant corn field kept us from the neighborhood. So we decided to go through the corn field. We crossed barbed wire fences streams and dirt piles until we emerged in someone’s backyard. We got a few weird looks but it sure was fast!

This Sunday was great because we were able to take a lot of our investigators to church. We had to find a way to give everyone a lift to church. We ended up renting a van! 

We also got the chance to give service to lady on Sunday when her boyfriend decided to cut the break line on her motor-scooter.

So we saw this lady almost get hit by a car then crashed her scooter into the curb on the sidewalk right in front of us as we were coming home from a family home evening. It was just us in the street at the time. She was crying and said "He cut the brakes! Watch my bike as I call the police". Then she left us there for like 5 minutes. We weren't really sure what to do but soon the police showed up. It turns out the they had been fighting and it got heated but before she left he boyfriend un-screwed the brakes. They caught him and took him and her to the police station. But they needed a place to keep the scooter so they asked if we could keep it at our apartment for the night. And we said yes. So we pushed her scooter all the way to our apartment building looking like robbers in the process. She's going to come by to pick it up today.

But anyway it was a great week here in Lajeado, Brazil.

I love you guys and hope you guys have a great week!


Part (2)
So this first week of the transfer has been pretty crazy. A lot of things have happened. 

So first things first I will talk about some the miracles that happened. So this Sunday was ward conference and we were able to take almost all of our investigators to church! Which was 11 people! It was pretty hard because they all live in a neighborhood far from the chapel and we had to do some creative thinking to get them all there to church on Sunday morning. There are no buses. So we talked with an old pal. He is a van driver that we hired to take people to church. I was worried that it wouldn´t work but everything went smoothly. 

We also have a planned baptism for this Sunday! If it all goes as planned, we will help 3 people be baptized this Sunday! 

I am really happy with my new companion because he is funny and a great missionary. He was a zone leader but since he is ending his mission with me he's just a regular missionary. But he knows a lot and has a lot of experience. He is teaching me a lot about teaching by the spirit and planning. He also jokes around with me which has been fun. He has been out for 1 year and 11 months. 

I was able to clean the apartment on p-day last week but this week has been tough since we went to Porto Alegre today to make what is called a CPF for my companion. It´s kind of like a Social Security Number but it's different. I already made mine months ago but he didn't think he was going to need to because he is leaving but as it turns out he needs it or he has to pay a big ticket to the government. 

I hope things are going good there. I do love you guys and can't wait to see you guys again!


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