Thursday, August 18, 2016


This week was pretty exciting! The Olympic torch passed in our city last week. So we ran out of district meeting on Tuesday to get a look at that thing. I took pictures and video but sadly forget my camera at home. So I´ll have to send those to you guys next week. It was pretty awkward because we were the only adults there. There were a lot of school kids and then just us. But it was pretty cool the runner torch lady running by. It was pretty intense though because there were these police runners that make like a protective circle around her. They all looked like Reno 911 cops. So that was a fun thing that happened. 

As for more spiritual things. We had a miracle happen. So we have an investigator that we were teaching and he is pretty awesome. We taught him almost everything and we've been trying to set up a baptism date but he has been pretty apprehensive. So we invited him one night and he said he would pray about it. The next visit we went back he told us he had a surprise for us. He told us that him and his girlfriend were going to get baptized on Sunday! We were pretty shocked because we didn't even teach his girlfriend that much. So this Sunday we had two baptisms! The baptism was really was great! 

I love you and hope you guys get all the house stuff figured out. 

Oh about your questions. I do write in a journal once every month maybe or just when I have crazy things happen. And right now I am in a city called Lajedado. 

Love you again! 


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